Dinosaur World: Hidden Agendas

Despite hearing objections to the contrary, it appears that Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL (among other places) still promotes creationist garbage. This is from their Teachers Guide 


Creation Science
Dinosaur World hosts field trips for groups of homeschoolers and students from church schools that teach a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation. The informative plaques in the park present general facts about the dinosaurs. There are very few “millions of years ago” references.
For more information about creation science, see Science Partners
(consultants for home-school and other education programs)

Considering that the tagline on the sciencepartners.net page is “Your missing link for Creation Education!” I can only imagine what kind of unscientific garbage they’re peddling there.

Science. They keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means.